Malaysia's Pioneer Battery Energy Storage System ("BESS")

A homegrown technology that combines the expertise, capabilities and know-how of Citaglobal Genetec BESS

MYBESS - Malaysia's First BESS

Showcase & Briefing on MYBESS to His Majesty, The King of Malaysia

Pioneering Renewable Energy Transition: Citaglobal Genetec BESS Leading the Way towards Net Zero Carbon Future

Citaglobal-Genetec JV unveils Malaysia’s first locally produced battery energy storage system

Citaglobal Genetec BESS, a joint venture between Citaglobal and Genetec Technology, has introduced Malaysia's first locally developed one-megawatt hour (1MWh) Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). The system, known as MYBESS now supports Genetec's EPIC plant. MYBESS addresses challenges in power distribution, storage, scalability, and portability, making it suitable for various industries and grid integration with intermittent renewable energy resources.

The scalable and portable solution provides a viable and cost-competitive option for businesses and communities, particularly when combined with solar energy.

11 April 2023


Massive - Scalable - Intelligent

Now and future of renewable energy relies heavily on large-scale energy storage. MYBESS is an energy storage solution that can scale massively, providing support and stability to the grid and preventing power outages. Improving our sustainable energy infrastructure can create a cleaner grid that protects our communities, townships, and the environment. Our monitoring system has intelligent built-in equipment allowing remote access to critical system information. It has high-level system parameters and individual cell health monitoring, easily accessible through our user-friendly web interface.

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372kWh Modular ESS

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